Drive SnapShot Serial Key Free Download

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Drive SnapShot Serial Key Free Download

Drive SnapShot 1.46 Serial Key Free Download

With  Drive SnapShot users can take a snapshot of all data that is presently on their computer. It can later be saved to the hard drive as a single file after clicking. In case a problem occurs on your computer, such as a hard disk crash, a virus that can’t be removed with antivirus, or any other similar condition, you can simply revert to the point where you saved last time in just a few seconds.

In addition to saving files such as word documents, movies, and pictures, it also takes on the responsibility of restoring your entire operating system, including any installed programs, as well as data and security attributes. Furthermore, the best feature of this application is that you can carry out the entire restoring process while Windows is running and you are performing your routine tasks

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Drive SnapShot Screenshots:

Features of Drive SnapShot:

  • Only if you are trying to restore a system partition will you need DOS, if not, then other drives can be restored through Windows
  • It is easy to use and can restore even individual files or directories
  • Even when you are using Windows, you can create disk image backups
  • If the files are running and you are backing them up, it does not tell you to close them.
  • The software shows compatibility with all Windows RAID methods
  • It can be used on any program that you choose
  • Backups of servers that are supposed to be working at all times are thus very convenient
  • In case of a problem, it offers the ability to completely restore the disk
  • This application provides a very easy and comprehensive command line interface

Installation Instructions:

  1. Uninstall the version of this application, if you have had one before
  2. Download the application from the download link given below
  3. Install the program in normal fashion
  4. There is a serial given in the txt. file, use that to register the program
  5. Enjoy!

Drive SnapShot Setup + Serial Key Download Link

Download Link | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

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