Importance of This Page?

It is important for us to list every possible problem that you may face on one page and also give a solution for that. Because its pointless to give solutions to most common issues repeatedly again and again to the visitors. Hope you understand.

So what we have noticed is that people do not read the FAQ when they get confused with something and start commenting again and again on posts. So for those guys….

Wanna Copy or Share our Work?

If you wanna share the software cracks, files or our articles on your websites or social media accounts, It is allowed and you are welcomed to do this, but in one condition. That is to give a link back or reference of our website. Otherwise, You will be banned and some strict action can also be taken against you. This guy below too has a message for you.

Download Link Broken/Not Working/Missing?

If you find that download link is not working OR is broken OR is missing from any post, Just leave a comment there on that page and we will try our best to fix that link as soon as possible.

Want Specific File Hosts Links?

If you want us to upload cracks and software on specific file hosting sites, Just let us know via comment section. The most asked file hosts will be preferred by us to upload files. We always give multiple sources or file host links so that if one does not work for you, You always have an alternate to get your file.

Want Latest Software Updates?

We always try to be the first ones to give the updates for software or Cracks as soon as they are released. But if still we forget or are late to publish a software’s updated version, Do let us know via comment section and we will publish that as soon as possible.

Virus Infected Files?

We always scan every file before uploading to avoid any type of viral infection or anything suspicious to get along with the software. But sometimes, we may forget to do so. So we recommend you to always scan the files via VirusTotal or VirSCAN. Both are authentic and best scanners for virus detection etc. Do not just rely on your PC’s antivirus. REMEMBER, Most of the times your antivirus will block any software file or Crack or Patch file because antiviruses do not like these files at all. So for that you will have to disable your antivirus to make those cracks not get deleted accidentally.

What about Email Requests?

We try our best to answer the queries coming on or email address but it is not our priority to do so. We do offer support on comments and reply most of them, But for emails, we neglect or ignore due to our daily tough and busy routine. Because Crackify is not a forum or does not offer any technical support for the softwares you download from here. So do not always rely on emails to get support from us. Because….

Want a Specific Software?

If you know or have need of a software that is not listed already on Crackify, you may do request that via our Request page. Just open the Request Us Page and comment the name of software Crack, Patch or Serial key you want. But please before doing so, Make sure that you search for the software name via search feature on Right Sidebar of the site to double check if it is already posted. We will do our best to fulfill your request within short period of time.

No Social Media Accounts?

Crackify does not own any social media account or page or listing of any type. All these social media sites are crap and waste of time. We prefer publishing more cool apps and software cracks on Crackify than to waste any second on these meaningless sites.

Got a Virus From Crackify?

When you are download files from Crackify, Just remember this. We host our files on free file hosts that are free for us and free for you as well. So what type of ads they show to you or what type of files they give you by deceiving you, We are not responsible for anything they do or show to you. So you will have to be SMART ENOUGH to distinguish between original download file link and an Advertisement button or link. Most of the times your antivirus program will block the files or cracks downloaded from our site. DO NOT Come here weeping that we gave you a virus. If you are dumb enough to not to know that antivirus programs do not like Crack or Patch files so they block or even Delete it and say its a virus, then stay away from Crackify and Crack files. Come back when you are grown up and understand that if you wanna use a Crack for a software, You may need to say SHUT UP to your antivirus just like that cool guy below…

No Help me or How to Questions Please!

If there is a how to question possibly involved with a Crack or Software published on Crackify, we always give a proper solution or answer to that beforehand. So no need to ask further questions via comments. Just do read and follow the installation instructions given in the post to apply or install the crack for that software. If you see no tutorial given in a software page, then understand that there is no need for it. Just download the crack + Setup, Install it, Apply crack and Enjoy. Do not create confusions for your self or for other people on Crackify. If you are confused with the stuff you download from here, Its just you are overthinking it. So just chill out and listen to what this gentleman has to say!

Do We Provide Technical Support?

Sorry! We are a free website/service and we do not get paid by any visitor, company or user Nor do we charge any visitors anything to use our website, download content from it. So we are not responsible or bound to give you any type of technical support. All we can do is just give you straight instructions on how to do or what to do with the software we share on Crackify. Apart from that, No technical support. Sorry again!

If you need anything else that is not mentioned here on this page, write a comment below. Thanks for being with us.