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Logplot Crack + Serial Key Free Download

Logplot Crack Free Download

LogPlot 7 Keygen Generator is here! It is the latest version of the software used for log plotting developed by RockWare, Inc. It assists the user by reading data files that are originally created by user or the data files that is imported and contain quantitative, descriptive,and other data, and then produces graphic strip logs by plotting those data files. The “blueprint” or format of the logs (what components are in it along with their locations) is designed through the Log Designer, which is included with LogPlot 7.

It is a software application that has been in use since 1983 by the geo-scientists who wished to display their geo-technical, geophysical, environmental, mud/gas, and mining research data as a graph boring log. LogPlot Cracked has a huge range of flexibility for the layouts of the log because of its easy-to-use Log Designer. With a point-and-click, WYSIWYG interface, this software’s Log Designer makes it an easy task to customize the logs for diverse projects and clients. Users can enter the field data into data editor of LogPlot by using the keyboard, data collection, copy/paste, and/or tools used for imports (LAS, RockWorks, ASCII, Excel, DBF). There are number of libraries regarding soil and rock types that have been included with LogPlot Keygen, and it is a very easy task for users to customize them to suit the need of their company. You can use the method of distributing the free LogView program using your logs so it is possible for your clients to view and print your LogPlot logs, or, you can also create HTML log pages or JPG, WMF, PNG, BMP, TIFF and EMF images.

Logplot Full Screenshots

Features of Logplot

Easy-to-use Log Designer

The new and marginally improved Log Designer, Logplot Crack, has great flexibility to offer when it comes to the borehole log designs – you can make use of a pre-configured design as it is or you can create any of your own. The Designer of LogPlot Unlock Code incl is pretty simple and easy to use, with point, click, alignment and multiple-select capabilities. You can create detailed headers, footers, and bodies of log that are presented in their own separate design. Quick access is offered by Toolbar buttons to the 10 tools of header/footer and 18 tools for log body.

Easy-to-use Data Editor

Entering data is made merely a snap with the help of tabbed spreadsheet. Selection of rock or soil types by Point-and-click method. Type, paste, or import the data from data sources that are outside of your system. Tools for automatic depth intervals,  data smoothing and filtering,arithmetic operations, and import from LAS, Excel, ASCII, boreholes, and DBF are also included in the LogPlot Data Editor.

Easy borehole log compiling

Having your data file and log design open, you just need to set your plotting scale in metric units or English, then click OK, and see as your borehole log is displayed in the LogView window. You can now compile multiple logs at a time with LogPlot 7 Cracked!

Easy-to-use new File Manager

You can view all the Data, Plot files and Designs in a designated project directory with the new file manager window. The File Manager also has the ability to read and link directly to borehole data that is stored in a database file of RockWorks MDB.

Share a borehole log with co-workers and clients

The portion of LogView of the LogPlot can be freely distributed as a stand-alone program. In case the installation has been carried out on computer of a client or co-worker, it is possible for them to open, print, and export the files you have saved in LogPlot Cracked logs.

Continuous or Single-page printing

You can print using any printer or plotter that you might have installed in Windows on continuous paper or single sheet

Export the data to RockWorks, LAS, and Excel format

The data of LogPlot can be exported to Excel files or ASCII. It is also possible for you to export data of LogPlot License Key curve to standard LAS 2.0 format.

Batch compiling

You can build a list on screen that consists of data files that needs to be compiled into graphic logs, which can later be printed and/or saved

Built-in tutorial

The tutorial of LogPlot helps you by guiding step-by-step all the processes of designing borehole logs, establishing program settings, entering data, and compiling logs

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