Opera Browser Offline Installer Free Download

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Opera Browser 58.0.3135.65 Offline Installer Free Download

Opera Browser Offline Installer Free Download

Opera Browser Offline Installer is a browser that is used by general public for interacting with public Internet applications like websites, emails, social networks, online chat, managing communications, loading via BitTorrent protocols, and going through web feed. This browser is provided on PCs, tablets and cell phones for use and it is absolutely free of charge. The browser of opera is developed by the Telenor, which is known as a prestigious communication company in the Norwegian region.

Features of Opera Browser:

  • Opera gathers all sorts of news going around and presents it to you at a single place which is the start page of the browser. You can train the browser and personalize what you want to see on the feed and after a while it will start showing things that are most relevant to you.
  • Hate getting bothered by adds all the time? Opera is a one of a kind browser as it blocks the adds even without having to add the extension of add blocker.
  • Sync all sorts of Bookmarks, open tabs, and other data through your Opera account so you can continue it from where you left.
  • You can shop anywhere in the world with ease thanks to the currency converter built in the Opera browser.
  • Opera is an absolutely safety assuring browser as it keeps all of your browsing actions safe and assists you in staying focused on the content.
  • Opera browser puts major focus on the speed and performance of the tasks carried out. There is also a new battery saver feature that can keep you going a whole lot longer. With it laptop battery life is extended by around 50%.

Opera Browser Screenshots:

Opera Browser Change log:

  • DNA-74063 Promote O57 to stable stream
  • DNA-74042 Error message in Console after disabling and then enabling again the News toggle button
  • DNA-74025 Crash loop on startup with a clean profile
  • DNA-74018 Set integer, not boolean pref in session startup pref
  • DNA-74014 Show Netflix notification as soon as possible
  • DNA-74013 Improve layout of user consent popup
  • DNA-73931 [Netflix] ‘Watch trailer’ should be always displayed in separate line.
  • DNA-73875 Don’t change the option after upgrade
  • DNA-73852 Get rid of unescaped ‘#’ in body
  • DNA-73835 Installer doesn’t start
  • DNA-73823 Deliver translations for notifications
  • DNA-73673 Crash at extensions::Extension::location()

Installation Instructions:

  1. In case you have an earlier version installed, rid of it using a trusted uninstaller
  2. Install Program
  3. Enjoy!

Download Links:

Opera Browser 58.0.3135.65 Offline Installer | Mirror (x64)

Opera Browser 58.0.3135.65 Offline Installer | Mirror (x86)

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