Yandex Browser Offline Installer Free Download

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Yandex Browser Offline Installer Free Download

Yandex Browser Offline Installer Free Download

The Offline Installer version of the Yandex Browser Offline Installer is an easy-to-use, secure browser that makes it especially convenient for searching the web or just browsing the Internet. Yandex Browser uses the same engine as Safari and Google Chrome. The search engine is called webkit, and the results it provides are based on resources made available on the internet for free. 

Using this browser, you will get everything from high search speed to the ability to work with the turbo system. Even when your internet connection is a bit slow, it will still provide you with better results. Also, one of its most important capabilities is being able to block access to sites that may be harmful and might compromise your Windows security; it also checks and downloads downloaded files.

Yandex Browser also has a smart box that can be used simultaneously for finding a site address and searching for user opinions in fields that may be similar to the one searched without opening a new page.

The first time you look at the browser, there will be nothing new or surprising since it is similar to the original Chrome design, only when you open the new tab page will you realize what it has to offer. There is an overview of Windows 8 as well as the ability to add, connect, or delete widgets.

The widgets mentioned above provide information about the current weather conditions and traffic conditions. The widgets it offers are more useful than the ones on Gmail, which only announce the number of messages and world events.

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Yandex Browser Offline Installer Screenshots:

How to Install Yandex Browser ?

  1. Use either of the download link given below to get the program
  2. Install program normally
  3. Run browser
  4. Enjoy!

Download Links

Yandex Browser Offline Installer | Mirror


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