About Us

You Wanna Know About Us?

Well.. Its common when you like a website and its content very much, the first thing coming in your mind is “Who are these guys?”.

Well, the answer for that question is, We are a team of many members providing stuff that people can not afford on their own. There are people who want to use a software or a program but can not afford, or it is not available to them due to any reason (Country restrictions, No option for them to Purchase etc). So we solve their issue and provide them what they want in an easy way. Those of you who can afford these software programs and are still here, You’re clearly a BAD BOY!

Coming back to the main topic, So we are a team of many members providing stuff that you mostly can not find anywhere else. Or if you find, you have to first download and install tons of sh*t on your pc before you get your hands on what you actually wanted. Those creepy sites have ads all around the site. Now its not bad to show ads, but to only show ads and not give any possible option to download the real thing is savage.

Now that you know enough about us, Don’t tell anybody out there.